About Us

PRD Smarter Connect offer a free service service to organise all of your home moving needs.


We can help you arrange your utilities and connections in just one phone call. We will always work with the provider to connect you as soon as possible where urgent connections are required.


Let our experienced team handle the paperwork! After we ask you some basic questions about your needs and get your information we can handle the rest.

100% Free-to-use Service

Our service to help you connect your electricity, gas, broadband, water, insurance, removalist and storage is provided free of charge.

About Us

PRD Smarter Connect is a bill connection service that have helped thousands of Australian's organise utilities while moving home. Through our dedication and passion to exceptional customer service, we have grown to become a leading comparison and connection provider in Australia.

Our Point Of Difference

Why Connect With Us?

PRD Smarter Connect offer a wide range of connection services and works with a variety of providers and products. Our experienced, friendly connections team will take the time to understand your needs and organise connections on your behalf. Our service is free to use, quick and takes the hassle out of connecting services to your new home.

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